Space Optimization

In conjunction with offshore wind, OFFSOLAR technology enables the utilization of existing marine spaces, increasing green energy production in these already equipped zones.

Eco-friendly Solution

Materials used in OFFSOLAR technology are 100% recyclable and respect marine biodiversity.

Connected Innovation

OFFSOLAR is a 100% connected technology, ensuring installation security and connected production monitoring.

Large-Scale Installation

OFFSOLAR accelerates the deployment of floating photovoltaics at sea with its innovative design, facilitating the realization of large-scale projects.

Robust Anchoring System

The anchoring technology boasts a simple design with reduced maintenance costs. Risks of malfunction are low, and the environmental impact is minimal.


The innovative design of OFFSOLAR, combined with optimized operations and maintenance, keeps CAPEX at a minimum level, contributing to a low LCOE.

OFFSOLAR is a solution for:

Island Areas

Offsolar technology is deployable over large areas, providing abundant decarbonized electricity to islands.

Maritime Platforms

Offsolar technology offers the possibility of a floating photovoltaic system combined with fixed or floating offshore wind. This combination facilitates the decarbonization of maritime platforms and can power facilities like FPSOs, FLNGs, offshore oil and gas...

Port Zones

The use of floating photovoltaics at sea meets the energy needs of port zones.

Wind Farms

Offsolar enables synergy with offshore wind farms, whether fixed or floating. This approach aims to increase green energy production on the same site, using the same power export cable and sharing anchor points.

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