About Offsolar

Engaged in offshore photovoltaic innovation

Pioneering innovation in offshore photovoltaics for many years, the AREMA Group has developed the technology for offshore floating solar, OFFSOLAR.
As an EPCI, our offering goes beyond simply supplying a product. We design and implement customized offshore renewable energy systems that consider many location-specific parameters and include offshore battery storage solutions to meet energy demand effectively.

Offshore floating photovoltaic solutions are the future of marine renewable energy innovation. Designed to resist severe weather conditions and high waves, our Floating PV platforms are engineered for resilience, efficiency, performance, and energy production at the desired level. These systems can source clean energy for the onshore electricity grid or offshore marine facilities and platforms.

Tested, proven, and patented

The OFFSOLAR technology, tested, proven, and patented, accelerates the global development of floating photovoltaics at sea, paving the way for large-scale projects. Our expertise in floating solar at sea enables us to design customized solutions for your projects, balancing viability and profitability.

OFFSOLAR technology provides multiple advantages

Our engineers conduct thorough Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) studies on the marine environment, assessing effects on biodiversity, seabed conditions, and oxygen levels. They have successfully proposed innovative optimization solutions to mitigate potential impacts.

In proximity to port areas and marinas, our decarbonized energy solution can play a crucial role in achieving carbon neutrality. For islands facing significant land constraints, our solution provides an effective way to reduce electricity costs and CO2 emissions.

A primary challenge facing the global solar energy industry is the removal of existing vegetation for solar power plants situated on agricultural land, grassland, farmland, and forest areas. As the world ambitiously expands its photovoltaic (PV) capacity, innovative solutions like offshore floating photovoltaics (OFPV) emerge as promising alternatives. The deployment of offshore space for wind, solar, or a combination of both energy sources helps alleviate conflicts related to land use.

Are you considering the development of a floating photovoltaic project?

We bring forth our extensive expertise, derived from over 15 years of dedicated research and development, with hands-on experience in the comprehensive execution of floating photovoltaic solar projects. Whether it be inland waters or marine settings, we stand ready to provide our specialized services.

Our software allows for the evaluation and prediction of various parameters associated with the integrated offshore energy system, including energy generation, consumption, battery usage, and battery charge levels.

Considering an offshore oil and gas platform operating in Greek waters consumes 20 MWh for an entire year.
Conventional approach: Using a 40 MWp natural gas turbine operating at 40% capacity would result in the production of
43,949 tons of CO2 emissions.
Our green alternative: Offsolar combined with wind and BESS.
Our solution involves four 15-MWp wind turbines, 40 MWp of FPV panels, and a 20 MW energy storage battery, resulting in
ZERO CO2 emissions.

The specific calculation is much more complicated than this simple model. Our team will conduct a detailed analysis based on the actual situation, but it is not difficult to see the necessity and potential for the application of clean energy in offshore scenarios

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