Offshore Floating Solar

A revolutionary technology in
offshore floating solar

Simple operation, optimized costs, and limitless potential.

OFFSOLAR represents a revolutionary breakthrough in the offshore floating solar technology sector. Its simple assembly, cost-effective design, and unparalleled potential distinguish it as a leader among innovative renewable energy solutions. Proven through real-world testing, our prototypes have exhibited remarkable resilience in challenging marine weather conditions. OFFSOLAR emerges as a practical and effective floating solar solution, well-suited for the rapid and extensive advancement of renewable marine energies.

Turnkey offshore floating solar
technology by Arema Group.

Developed and tested across diverse nations, our solution has already demonstrated its effectiveness. Our inventive approach to floating solar energy production can be integrated with various marine activities, including offshore wind, aquaculture, and fishing. Its remarkable ability to withstand harsh marine conditions positions it as a strategic and economically viable choice in the current energy landscape. OFFSOLAR represents cutting-edge technology in the field of floating solar. As an EPCI specializing in solar energy, our group offers this turnkey solution.

Our Mission

Contribute to the energy transition with an innovative turnkey solution for offshore floating solar.

Hybrid Energy, Wind and Solar, Marine Integration, Space Efficiency

Swift Growth, Ocean Energy, Scalability, Extensive Deployment

Eco-Friendly Anchoring, Marine Life Protection, Simplified Design

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Revolutionary Floating Solar Technology at Sea.

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